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Apply online in seconds
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Compare rates, terms, and payments among competing lending partners.
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Receive loan proceeds to pay your contractor for their work.

What sort of projects can you fund?

We have lending partners for all sorts of projects. Loan options range from the hundreds of dollars to one-hundred thousand.
Expand your home
Complete that renovation project, add a deck, or install a pool.
Unexpected repairs
Tackle major upgrades and replacements, such as roof repairs and broken water heaters.
Green investments
Install solar panels or a greywater system and save on utility costs.

One form... Many great options...

SuperMoney is directly integrated with leading home improvement lending partners who cater to all types of credit. You'll fill out one easy form and get competing pre-approved loan offers back in real time. Our partners all do a soft credit pull so checking your rate won't impact your credit score.

and more...

No annoying sales calls

Some sites out there claim to do what SuperMoney does but really just sell your personal data off to the highest bidders in what's called a "lead auction". This is not in your best interest because:

  1. The lenders that are willing to pay the most for your data are typically the ones with the highest rates and fees.
  2. Lead buyers will often pester you with annoying telemarketers and incessant robocalls.

That's NOT how we operate! SuperMoney's loan offer engine integrates with lenders directly to provide pre-approved offers back in real-time. You can transparently compare your options and choose the best one with no pressure.

Success stories

Here's what our community members are saying about their experience...
  • The entire process from loan application to review to closure was very efficient and streamlined.

    Brian P.
  • This was the easiest loan ever. Filled out a two minute application and was approved in under an hour. Loan funded in under 24 hours with a great rate. I have a 720 credit score, but I also have a decade of credit history that includes prepayment of every major loan I've ever taken out, revolving and installment accounts, long employment history, many years at the same address and a high income with liquid assets. It isn't only about credit score.

    Supermoney User
  • Super Money was great at helping me finagle through a market crowded with a lot of money services. It all became so incredibly confusing. They provided a lot of information the helped me make the best decision possible for me and my family. I will for sure refer back to them again!

  • Absolutely amazing experience!!!!! Easy, painless, and FAST!!!!! Highly recommend to anyone needing a loan!!!

    Supermoney User

Are you a home improvement contractor?

Increase your sales & close more projects with SuperMoney's turn-key financing solution for home improvement contractors and dealers. Let SuperMoney help your customers find the best financing solution for their home improvement projects.

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